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Tony Robbins
Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

Smart Tools. Brilliant Results.
Would you like to know how Tony Robbins - the world’s peak performance expert - plans not only his day, but his entire life? The answer is in Tony’s Rapid Planning Method, aka RPM.

Like so much of what Tony Robbins does, he integrated the best pieces he learned from the best time management and productivity systems available.

The result?  

RPM is the top down planning system Tony uses for managing his incredibly complex and busy life, and I'm going to share it with you here.

The advantage of a top down system is always knowing the bigger context for the overwhelming daily tasks that never stop coming your way.

Top Down Time Management

You're doing most of your planning upstream.

Top-down time management systems focus on your bigger life context - everything fits together. Whatever you're doing at any given moment depends on the big picture and what's most important to you. 

Instead of focusing on the list of tasks that show up today, you'll already have a place for most of them.  Your projects and actions fit in with the bigger picture of your life; additionally, RPM uses the power of chunking to group your related tasks together, so you can make real progress.

If you're not already familiar with a top-down system, you're probably about ready to click off of this page, thinking it sounds like a lot of work. Stick with me for a bit....I'm certain you'll find it's worth it.

In top-down planning, you'll know your roles, for example

  • Outstanding Parent
  • A+ Student
  • Tax Strategist
  • Ironman Fitness & Health
And you'll have your goals for each:
  • Have an Outstanding Relationship with my children
  • Have fun learning while earning A's in all of my classes
  • Minimize Federal and State Income Tax Exposure
  • Enjoy incredible health, vitality & energy with 10% body fat
In a top down time management system, all of the pieces fit together, giving you a complete life management system.

There's no question learning and implementing a top-down time management system takes more time up front.

Would you rather be focusing on all of the things you have to do, or do you want to use that time to get results that really matter to you?

The answer is obvious, which explains the incredible power and popularity of Tony Robbins Rapid Planning Method. 

Out With Old Excuses. In With New Goals.

In addition to the Rapid Planning Method, RPM stands for:

  1. Result
  2. Purpose
  3. Massive Action Plan
In the next few pages, I'll go through:

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