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Tony Robbins RPM:  The Power of Chunking

Tony Robbins RPM system leverages the power of chunking.  Would you rather feel overwhelmed by your never ending to do list of 40..50…100 tasks, or does focusing on 8-10 results sound better?  

Whether your an executive or just starting out in your career, you have a really important job as a mom, are a student or an entrepenuer, this page is for you.

How Do You Eat an Elephant

Chunking is the process of turning a lot into a little.  

It answers the question How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Exactly....One bite at a time.

Tony Robbins give a great example of the power of chunking in his Time of Your Life cd program, Smart Tools. Brilliant Results.which is the best way to not only learn to RPM system, but to get very clear on your Mission, Values, Roles, and Goals...all critical to taking advantage of this top down time management system.  He also goes through it on his new personal coaching DVD.

In the example, Tony asks a woman why she doesn't exercise.  She answered that for her to exercise she'd have to:

  1. Lookup a gym in the yellow pages
  2. Drive to the gym
  3. Go on a tour
  4. Sign up for a multi year membership
  5. Hang her clothes in a locker that's too small, knowing they'll fall off and get wrinkled
  6. Go to the first machine and wait for someone to finish
  7. Wipe it off since the last person didn't
  8. Change the amount of weight
  9. Go to the next machine and wait
  10. Wipe off that machine and adjust the wait......
  11. Take a shower and see more of some people than she ever wanted to
  12. Take out her clothes that fell off of the hook in the locker
  13. Put on her wrinkled clothes
  14. Get to her car and realize she forget to get her parking ticket validated
  15. Go back to the gym and get the ticket validated
  16. Finally be on her way
No wonder she doesn't work out...

Tony next asked her what she loves to do:  eating out.....

What has to happen for her to eat out?  
  1. Pick a place
  2. Go
It doesn't take much to figure out which she's going to do on a regular basis....eating is two steps, working out is 16 -  anyone would be overwhelmed by that.

What are some areas of your life that you know you need to focus on, but just don't?  Is it possible that you're breaking them into too many steps, and feeling overwhelmed by them?

Use the power of chunking to your advantage.  Instead of thinking about all 40 or 50 items on your to do list, start chunking them together into related items.

Using the example from the Tony Robbins RPM overview page:
  1. Buy dog food
  2. Buy cell phone for daughter
  3. Wash and fold laundry
  4. Prepare for meeting with CFO
  5. Review draft of 2008 Tax Return
  6. Drop off daughter at gymnastics
  7. Drop off son at soccer practice
  8. Create training plan for running group
  9. Run 6 miles in target heart zone
  10. Pick up daughter from gymnastics
  11. Pick up son from soccer practice
How could we begin chunking these together into related items?
  • Prepare for meeting with CFO and Review draft of tax return go together
  • Create training plan for running group and run 6 miles go togehter
  • Dropping off and picking up children go together
  • Buying dog food, cell phone, and washing and folding laundry all seem related to the house and family and can be grouped together

So we've already converted 11 separate to-do's into 4 items that we can turn into actual results that  we're committed to.

Out With Old Excuses. In With New Goals. Are you starting to see the power and value of chunking?  Start taking advantage of Tony Robbins RPM system now by writing down all of the things you think you have to do, both big and small - just the power of writing things down helps most people feel less overwhelmed.

Once you have your list, start chunking the related items together, and head to the results page to start transforming them into actual results you're committed to achieving.

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