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Specific Time Management Strategies for YOUR Circumstances

Obviously CEO's need different time management strategies than those with really important careers - moms, and those they care for - students. Here are specific strategies for your circumstances.

Time Management in the Workplace

Time management in the workplace needs to address hundreds or even thousands of emails, telephone calls, meetings, deadlines and shifting priorities. By following some simple strategies that really work, you can stay on top of it all.

Time Management for Moms

Time management for moms (and dads, of course) deals with different challenges than in the workplace, although significantly more important in my opinion. Often taking care of the house and children leaves moms feeling totally overwhelmed and like they have to be supermom - handling everything for everyone. I've put together the best strategies for the most important job - managing the home.

Time Management for Students

Finally, students obviously have their own unique needs, balancing studying and homework, friends, sports, helping around the house, and so much else. Time management for students specifically addresses these unique needs, giving you strategies to handle everything coming at you.

That's what these pages are about....giving you specific strategies for your circumstances. As your read through the pages, please remember to share what works best for you at the Contact Us page.

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