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Tony Robbins RPM:
Categories of Improvement

Tony Robbins RPM system helps you live your life in balance, reducing stress and constantly improving the most important areas of your life, both personally and professionally.  Sound impossible?  Keep reading…

I'm sure there are some areas of your life that are fantastic; unfortunately, if you're like most of us, there are some that aren't so great.  We have so much coming at us that it's often challenging to stay in balance.  
Out With Old Excuses. In With New Goals.
Maybe your relationship is great, but your finances are a bit off track.  Or You've got those two areas handled while your health and fitness is lagging.  Or maybe you've devoted a lot of your time to your business or job, and your health is suffering.

Sound familiar?

Before we go into detail on your categories, let's do a quick 5 minute exercise from the Time of Your Life, a  multimedia course that teaches how to quickly learn and integrate Tony Robbins RPM system.

Get a blank sheet of paper and draw a large circle on it.  Divide the circle into 8 areas, and label each area so it looks like this:

Wheel of Life

Of course these are just examples, feel free to change any of them if they aren't an important part of your life.

Now think about each category and where you are compared to where you want to be on a 0-10 scale, 0 being the center of the wheel and not at all satisfied and 10 being the outer edge representing total satisfaction and achievement.

Decide your degree of satisfaction from 0 to 10 and mark it on the relevant spoke. Now draw a line to join your marks together, and fill in the space so it's solid.  Please don't just think about this exercise, actually do it and give yourself the gift.

With all of the areas filled in, my guess is that you're looking at a pretty strange shape.  Imagine if that shape was a wheel on your car...how well would it roll?  Unless you're one of very few unique individuals, my guess is that it'd be pretty wobbly.

The reason the areas are called Categories of Improvement is most things get worse when we don't pay attention to them.  When we don't pay attention to our relationships, they get worse...when we don't pay attention to our health, it gets worse...when we don't pay attention to our finances, it gets worse.

The power of a top down system like Tony Robbins RPM is that once you know the areas most important to you, you can start focusing on them and balance out your wheel of life.  
We want to make sure that we're paying attention to all of the most important areas in our life, and not just spending time in them, but focusing on constantly improving them.

How much more balanced would your life be and how much more fulfilled would you feel if you had a vision, a purpose and a goal for each area of your life, and  you were consistently spending time on each?

That's exactly what we're going to create right now, at least at a high level.

Smart Tools. Brilliant Results. Pick a category to start with and imagine how it would be at a 10, if you were feeling total fulfillment and achievement.  Write down a brief description of what that looks and feels.  

Next ask yourself why you want that in your life.  How would it make you feel if you had total fulfillment in that area.  An even better question to ask is now that this area is exactly the way I want it, how do I feel.

You now have a vision and a purpose.  If you could have things exactly the way you wanted them, what would be a good goal to have a year or so out?

Now that you have a vision, a purpose and a one year goal for this area, are you more excited about spending some time there?  If you actually took just a few minutes and did the exercise, then I know you are, which is the main focus of Tony Robbins RPM system.

Although Tony guides you through a much more detailed process in the Time of Your Life, where you'll also add compelling roles, resources, something called 3 to Thrive, etc, just doing this quick process we did here will begin immediately putting more balance in your life, which is why you're here reading this, right?

The obvious question after doing this is how does having a purpose, vision and goal help me manage my time better?  There are two main answers:
  • First, remember the purpose of time management, more time for what's important to you.
  • Second, you'll review each category during your weekly review, and actions towards your goals will show up in your weekly and daily RPM plans
This process isn't about a silly new software tool or binder...it's a thinking process that ensures you're living your life with more fulfillment and achieving the goals most important to you.  If you've found this helpful and want to go more in depth with Tony Robbins RPM system, then you'll definitely want to consider getting the Time of Your Life program.

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